DECEMBER 18 - 20, 2023


Do you want to
Ever Had a Desire to Get Paid a Ridiculous Amount of Money to Speak?
Public speaking is one of the highest paid professions on Earth!
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Have you ever wanted to get paid a LOT of money to be a speaker (all while radically changing other people's lives for the better)? It’s no secret that public speaking is the highest paid profession on Earth!

Where else can you get paid so well for doing what you love,
 all while helping other people become successful?  

Seats Are Limited to 25 People!

7 Seats Available

*Plus Shaun's existing coaching students*

I've been speaking on stages all over the country since 2007, but a few years ago, a lightbulb went off and something really clicked. All of a sudden, I “got it.” I finally understood the art and science of selling from the front of the room. Not only that, but for the first time ever, I understood it well enough to turn it into an actual process and system that I could teach to others. I figured out exactly what works and what doesn't and realized this is a science that I can now duplicate every time. 

To give you an idea… At the time I wrote this event description, in the previous 60 day period, I sold nearly $100,000 worth of coaching from the front of the room via platform speaking (doing only two speeches I might add - and in less total working hours than many people work in a single day,) $30,000 worth of product sales, and $110,000 in live event tickets… all done via public speaking. 

To date, I've only shared this info with a very small handful of existing coaching students and national speakers. (Most speakers and promoters are doing it wrong and have no idea why their numbers either suck, or why they aren't selling anywhere near what they know they're capable of...) 

Of the few that I've taken under my wing, the increase in their performance is staggering. One guy who had no prior experience as a speaker did $44,000 in sales at his 2nd speaking engagement immediately after I spent only a single day with him.  Another gentleman, a national speaker who has been speaking for more than 10 years (and hardly ever sold anything), sold 26 units of his product at $697 immediately after I spent one day with him. He had never sold anything near this before. 

As a result, I'm going to be hosting a 3 day event to teach these secrets this December 18 - 20th, 2023 in St. Louis, MO.

You're a world class master at persuasive storytelling!

One of the very best I've ever seen!  That's a super legit superpower!  We'll be very lucky to have you come back to speak here at Yale any time if you can work it out.

- Zoe Chance
Professor of Influence & Persuasion at Yale University 
Studied at Harvard Business School
the art of persuasion
how to command the attention of an audience
 What I’m going to teach you applies to platform speaking/selling from the stage, offering coaching programs, hosting webinars, creating internet marketing sales pages, getting motivated sellers to give you their house, selling fee based or subscription services, or selling whatever you want to sell - wherever you want to sell it. Using these strategies, I’ve sold millions of dollars worth of information marketing materials over the past 12 years - all of which was done part- time with very little out of pocket expenses and only one assistant.

I’ll show you the exact recipe I used to sell $265,000 coaching fees in a single 60 minute presentation. (to a room of less than 90 people I might add…) I’ll also give you the exact presentation and 
formula I used to sell $105,000 worth of training materials in a single 90 minute presentation,

(Yeah, that equates to more than $1,000 PER MINUTE - speaking…) 


Your training helped me immensely! 

My giant mistake was not getting help with speaking 15 years earlier. I thought I couldn’t afford it and now I realize it cost me a fortune. You’re awesome Shaun. You have my highest rating as a speaking trainer!

- Eddie Speed, CEO, NoteSchool

Highly recommend your training!

After having given more than 1,000 sales presentations, I appreciate all you do and highly recommend your training, even to “old pros” like me who, you know, already know everything!

- Vena Jones Cox, President of Ohio REIA, National Speaker

Read This Before Going ANY Further:
If you have a product or service already, great.  But the truth is, I'd almost rather you don't have a product yet since it will be easier to teach you without it. 

 (Some of you know Jason Roberts… I taught him these principles a few years back. He didn't even have a product of his own to sell and he came right out of the gate killing it - selling 40% of the room on a $1997 product at his last speaking event!)

If you already have a product, I'll teach you how to sell more of it. If you're already an experienced speaker, I’ll show you how to make small tweaks to what you're doing which will equate more consistent results.  If you’re a real estate investor and want to get people to bring you a ton of deals (or want to get better at closing motivated sellers), you’re going to apply these same principles and watch the deals come to you. If you’re a coach and want to get more coaching clients, I’ll show you that, too

 Or, if you’re not coaching or speaking yet because you don’t know how to get people to pay you for it yet, it all starts with learning how to convey value in a way that gets people excited to be a part of what you've got to offer.  We'll be covering all of this and more at the event.
You could very well be the best coach… have the best product or training course on earth... but none of that matters if you don't know how to sell it!

If you want to make money doing what you love, you MUST learn how to convey the value of your offer to others!

Contrary to what you may have heard, you don’t have to be a road warrior either. 
If you want to travel the country and have fun using your speaking business to pay for it all (and have some pretty cool write-offs in the process), you certainly can. But if you’re like me and have 3 small kids at home and don't want to travel all the time, you don't have to. If, however, you are serious about changing people's lives for the better and making a ton of money doing so, this is your one shot to learn how to make it happen.  

Most of the good speakers won’t share with you what works so well because they’re afraid you’re going to copy what took them years of trial and error to master. This is one industry where there is very little training (if any) on how to become the best of the best. Either that, or most speakers are out there doing the same old dog and pony show and come across as total douchebags (yep I said it… and you know exactly what I’m talking about… you've all seen the speaker that makes you want to take a shower after you’re done listening).

We’ve all seen “that guy...” the speaker that gets up there, sells hard the entire time and leaves you with a little bit of puke in the back of your throat. 

 That’s not what this is about.
If you want to be effective in any business, YOU MUST LEARN TO SELL WITHOUT being a pushy jerk in the process!!

Of the select few speakers that I’ve shared this info with, one of them increased his sales by more than 600% immediately after sharing these techniques with him. (Yes, I said 600%…) Another student who attended my last event like this immediately did a promotion for a new product and made more than $400,000 using the techniques I taught him at this event. Yet another student just did his first speaking gig ever and closed 20% of his audience on a $797 product. That guy, self admittedly, screwed it all up and still did pretty darn well. 
And he’ll do even better the next time around because he knows what he did well!  

At this event, you’ll leave with a recipe for crafting a presentation (or webinar, or sales copy, or video sales letter, or one on one phone call or meeting, etc…) designed to get people excited about pulling out their wallet and giving you their money for your product or service.  

What You'll Learn
  • Why most speakers who are good at speaking and teaching typically suck at selling.
  •  Why a standing ovation is the death of your sales. (My buddy Steve used to get a standing ovation every time he would speak, and no one bought ANYTHING. After sharing this info with Steve, he immediately went out and closed 28% of a room of 100 people on a $797 product. He hadn’t done those kind of numbers in the previous 10 speaking engagements combined!)
  •  How speaking to a group of 10 people can be FAR more profitable than speaking to a group of 100+ (if you do it right…)
  •  Why most speakers who are good at selling come across as the same ol’ dog and pony show, which is why you’re tired of most of them. (Many speakers are simply regurgitating the same stuff over and over again!)
  •  How to not only win over the people who buy your “stuff,” but also how to ensure that everyone in the room that doesn’t buy what you have to offer still gets a ton of value out of your presentation. You’ll learn how to sell well - and also get invited back every time.
  •  How to literally get people so excited over what you have to offer that they’re knocking each other over trying to get their hands on it! 
  •  How to do all of this with YOUR OWN STYLE - I'll never ask you to be anything other than yourself during this entire process, so none of it will feel forced, processed, or pressured. 
This is just scratching the surface!
I was recently pulled aside and told I've been the number one selling speaker at a number of very large conferences that have taken place in the past couple of years, one of which was speaking for Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad/Poor Dad events. I don't work for Kiyosaki but I was invited to speak on their stage (that every other speaker is dying to get on) because I apparently sold more product from the front of the room at their events than any other speaker in the previous 3 years. If any of this sounds arrogant, forgive me, but the numbers are what they are.

Newbies and Experienced Speakers Welcome…
I’ve taught newbies who are new to speaking and I’ve taught the pros who have been doing this for 30+ years. That being said, it’s not for everyone. This is why I'm keeping the event very small. It’s also why I’m interviewing you first to make sure it’s a fit.

In addition, a number of organizations and REIA (Real Estate Investor Associations) clubs around the country have asked me for referrals of good speakers and I won't refer other speakers unless I know for sure they can sell well and have been trained properly. 

 (Keep in mind, there's no guarantee you'll get on their stages just by coming to this event because you still have to prove that you can heed instruction and do well.  But I will say, the easiest way to get your foot in the door is to come get trained properly first.) 

By the way,
Don't Just Take My Word For It...
Here's what a few others had to say about the event: 

The Speaker Training was awesome!

It is truly a delight sitting back absorbing the value and watching him (Shaun) as a leader teach in complete alignment to his Genius. I already sell well but now I understand much more why I sell well, and how I can sell even better!  I guess I intuitively did some things right, and adjusted but I also did a bunch of things wrong, and now I am in the process of fixing them in my presentations. I already applied a bunch of what I learned in the event last weekend and we had GREAT sales - the highest sales per head we’ve ever had! 

- Jack Bosch - National Speaker

Last night ROCKED!!

We had 29 (of those 5 were already clients) buying units and set 18 appointments. I'll let you know how the sales go over the next week but here are some of the comments from last night's event: "You have gotten me excited about real estate again!" "Awesome Ron!! We will be in your slide show within 5 years." " The best and genuine presentation." "Loved it, you have what is missing from Rich Dad Poor Dad"

7 stories all with purpose... Thanks for the training ! More to implement but the first round went extremely well!

- Ron Phillips

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