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THIS IS NOT A FREE EVENT, nor is it cheap. 
You should know that this event is expensive, but naturally, anything of value usually is.  
 The cost of the event is $5,000. 
All I need to reserve your seat today is a deposit of $497. 
If you think about it though, it really doesn't COST you anything.  

I expect you to make a lot more than $5,000 within the first speaking gig or two at a minimum with just the information you're going to learn on day one.  And if you don't find the information that valuable, by the end of the 2nd day, simply turn in your workbook and materials, and I'll refund every penny.  How's that for a guarantee?

Enter your Information below to reserve your seat for only $497.  You'll then be directed to a calendar where you get to help choose the dates!

(Once we lock in the official dates, and only after we've done so and confirmed that your chosen dates are good to go, you will be asked to pay the remaining balance of $4,503 within 5 days.  
(As always, if for any reason we can't make the dates work, your $497 is 100% refundable!)
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$497 Reserves Your Seat!
$4,503 balance will be due within 5 days of confirmation of event date. 

"I absolutely crushed it this weekend at my events. On Sunday I sold $1,166 per head (Grand total of $26,818). Previously I haven’t broken past $725/head."

- Tom Zeeb

Claim Your Squirrel Art Below...
Claim Your Squirrel Art Below...